PUBG Mobile fans give FAU-G 1 star rating, Reviews It’s nothing like PUBG

PUBG Mobile Indian fans rates the recently launched game FAU-G 1 star and reviews that this game is nothing like PUBG.

FAU-G was launched in India on January 26 on the occasion of Republic Day and it’s been roughly about a week since the launch of the game. The rating of FAU-G started off good with a 4.5 rating on Play Store but in some recent days, the PUBG Mobile Fans are review bombing the game on Google Play Store. The ratings as of now have dropped to 3.1.

Yes there are some bugs and flaws in the game but that’s not the actual reason why the game is getting review bombed, reviewers say that the game was hyped like a PUBG alternative after the Government of India banned PUBG but it’s nothing like PUBG.

Any game or software is usually review bombed collectively on a large scale when there’s some major issue in the application or the community doesn’t accept it for some reason but here the situation is different, most of the ratings and reviews that are getting spammed on the game are related to PUBG.

After seeing the reviews it seems like the Indian gamers were expecting the game to be a PUBG replacement after the ban of the latter but as FAU-G came out it felt like this can not be a replacement to what PUBG has to offer. The game even lacks the multiplayer mode and there are some bugs and flaws still left in the game.

nCore Games, the developer of the game FAU-G told IGN India that it’s working with Google Play Store to solve the issue.

Alongside all of that, nCore Games founder, Vishal Gondal has especially said that PUBG and FAU-G should not be compared, FAU-G is nothing like PUBG.

nCore Games or any person related to the game FAU-G never marketed the game to be an alternative to the famous battle royale game, PUBG but coincidentally FAU-G was announced just around the ban of PUBG, it all happened around a close time that it felt like FAU-G will be a Swadeshi replacement to the banned game, PUBG. But after the launch of FAU-G people realized that the game is nothing like PUBG and started review bombing it.

via: Hindustan Times

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