Govt asks WhatsApp to withdraw their New Privacy Policy from India

The Government of India has asked WhatsApp to withdraw the new privacy policy update from India to protect the privacy of Indian users.

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In WhatsApp’s new privacy policy update, WhatsApp said that it now will share user’s WhatsApp data with its parent company, Facebook. With all the fuss and criticism going around WhatApp decided to push the new privacy policy until May, this year.

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With all the changes happening to WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy, the Government of India has asked WhatsApp to withdraw the changes to the privacy policy for India.

In the email sent to WhatsApp’s CEO, Will Cathcart by the IT Ministry, the government pointed out that this policy has caused “grave concerns regarding the implications of the choice and autonomy of Indian Citizens, Therefore you’re called upon to withdraw the proposed changes.”

The ministry additionally also asked WhatsApp about the data-sharing agreement with Facebook and why is it so that the EU citizens were exempted from the new privacy policy update whereas in India you’ve no choice but to agree.

The ministry wrote, “Such a differential treatment is prejudicial to the interest of Indian users and is viewed with serious concern by the government.” Source: Tech Crunch

Indian makes the largest userbase of WhatsApp

India forms the largest userbase of total WhatsApp userbase globally comprising 340 million active users as per 2020 statistics.

This “forcing” of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy across all countries where EU citizens are exempted may cause its userbase to shrink, where now the Indian Government itself is directly opposing this new policy update.

What’s app ran many ads on the front page of some popular newspapers to reach and explain, the vast userbase of India what the new privacy policy is about, and to clarify what data will be shared.

On January 19, India’s IT and Law Minister tweeted, “Be it WhatsApp, Facebook or any other digital platform they are free to do business in India but it should be done in a manner without impinging upon the rights of Indians who operate it. The sanctity of personal communications needs to be maintained.”

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