Google Maps introduced new split view option on Street View for better navigation

Google Maps has introduced a new split view option on android devices for better street view navigation without switching modes.

Google Maps

The most used navigation application that sits on most of the phones that helps you navigate your way when you’re down the street and also lets you see the traffic status, yes we’re talking about Google Maps, which is among one of the most used google apps has now added split view functionality to the Street Mode View.

This updated interface allows the users to locate where exactly are they currently and also where are they looking which makes it easier for on route navigation without having to changes modes again and again, and it can prove to be a big relief for many people.

This feature is now available for users, which can be used under street view, to open split screen mode you need to tap Screen View Window, after dropping pin on any map location if the street view imagery is available for that location then the split UI option will come in play.

But if you access the Street View directly from the location list, then only the default standard UI will load. Also this new feature will not be available in all the locations as not every country has the screen view option yet.

Adding to that even in the countries where the street view option is available, not all the streets are covered in street view. So this functionality will only be limited in the countries and the streets where the street view option works. Although Google is adding more and more imagery to the Street View regularly, so this new feature that has been added now will also cover the locations where the Street View will be added in future.

One another interruption that the users may suffer is that this feature is only available for Google Maps on Android as of now. There is no clarity on if or when this feature will be made available on iOS devices.

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