Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 in India

Confused which Fitness Band to but under 3000? Here's a comprehensive list of best fitness bands under 3000 in India that will be worth buying.
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In this era of advancement of technology, everyone is reliant on technology. In this ambitious world, we have overlooked our health, chasing our career, dream job and a nice paycheck.

Staying fit in today’s fast-moving lifestyle is a relentless mission. It might not always be possible to adopt a healthy diet, because our lives get more complex and occupied day by day.

Tracking your fitness level has always been a good practice to check your health condition regularly. Are you planning to join the club with the proper equipment? Fitness trackers help coordinate our exercise routine and provide us with an up-to-date record of our daily training sessions and progress.

Best Fitness Bands in India under 3000

Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 In India

So, without further ado, here are some of the best fitness bands under 3000 in India that you can buy today to keep a track of your health and stay fit.

1. Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 In India – Mi Smart Band 5

Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 In India - Mi Smart Band 5

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Mi Smart Band 5 is one of the best fitness bands in India under 3000 budget, that comes with a sparkling handset of features to help you track your activities and monitor your health. It is one of the most sensational bands due to high customizability and the popularity of the Mi Fitness bands.

Design & Build Quality

Starting with the strap material of the Mi Smart Band 5, it comes with the same strap as on Mi Band 4 which is comfortable to wear and even in long run may rarely cause any wear and tear.

Generally the loop part of the strap is its weakest point and has the highest chances of suffering any damage or wear and tear at that certain point, but even in the long run the strap will be doing just fine and the quality of the strap is impressive.

Another one of the benefits with its design language is that you don’t actually need to remove the smart band capsule to charge it, it comes with a magnetic dock charger that can easily attach to the rear of the Mi Band 5 for charging. So no hassle of taking out the capsule or sliding the dock, which in many cases damages either of two in the long run.

You also won’t find any scratch on the screen of the band even after 24/7 usage for several months. Xiaomi has done a great job with the screen quality of the band.

Display & Battery Life

The display on the Mi Smart band 5 is 1.1′ AMOLED Touch Screen display, which is a little bigger in screen size when compared to Mi Smart Band 4. The quality of the display is good.

The band can easily be seen even in bright sunlight, the band maintains its brightness in the long run and you won’t find the brightness decrement.

There are a lot of watch faces available for the band, Yes! A LOT. You can set any watch face on the band that you like with the help of the Official App.

Apart from that there are also a lot of third party watch faces that you can grab and set from different websites upon searching on Google. There are thousands of watch faces available to set from the official app or third party websites, which makes the band highly customizable.

Now coming to the battery backup of the band, as mentioned above this band comes with a magnetic dock charger so there won’t be any hassle of taking out the capsule and sliding into the dock for charging.

The magnetic dock easily sits on the rear part of the band and charges the band without having to take the capsule out, which reduces the risk of any wear and tear to the capsule or the strap.

Even with all the battery consuming features on all the time like continuous heart rate tracking, step counting, sleep tracker and others, you can easily expect a battery back-up of more than a week once fully charged.

But if the continuous heart rate monitoring is turned off with normal mode and Bluetooth connected then the battery backup on a full charge can go up to 10-12 days.

And if you choose to use the band in offline mode then the battery back goes up to 2 weeks on a full charge which is similar to the advertised battery backup of the band.


The interface of the band more or less resembles the Mi Band 4 with some changes. Unfortunately one of the features that was present in the Mi Band 4, the lock screen feature is missing from this band.

Although the overall interface of the band is easy to navigate and go into different health tracking modes, thanks to the touch screen display. Generally the haptic button mode bands are harder to interact with and navigate through different modes and features.

Functions & Sensors

One of the great attractions of the sensor is the optical heart rate monitoring sensor so apart from just the manual heart rate tracking option you also get to choose to turn on 24/7 heart rate monitoring, although that will reduce the band’s battery backup by a lot.

The heart rate monitoring is very accurate, at times the accuracy generally may differ but mostly it’s is quite accurate when compared to other tracking devices.

Although unlike honor band 5, one of the drawbacks that Mi Smart Band 5 suffers is the lack of smart tracking.

But what is Smart Tracking?

It is the ability of the band to only track the 24/7 heart rate when worn on the wrist but with Mi Band 5 if you turn on the 24/7 optical heart rate tracking, it will keep using the sensor even if you’re not wearing the band, which could be one of the major drawbacks.

You also get sleep tracking function with this band. You can keep a track of your sleeping patterns and deep sleep times with the help of the app.

But unfortunately just like Mi Band 4 there’s no option to see the stats or access the sleep mode directly from the band.

There’s no option to monitor your blood oxygen level with this band, although you get stress monitoring and women health monitoring systems.

There are multiple workout modes available in the band and the pedometer counts the steps quite accurately. You can also control music, manage your calls, set an alarm, check weather as well as locate your phone with the help of the band.


Now coming to our verdict of the Mi Band 5. It’s one of the best choices in the market right now as one of the best fitness bands under 3000 in India.

If you want a band with hassle free charging and long battery backup. If you like to keep your band customized with thousands of watch faces then it’s a good choice for you.

Although unavailability of the SPO2 monitoring and sleep counter not being very accurate makes it fall back a bit from the Honor Band 5 for the people who want to buy a band for hard core health tracking.


  • 24X7 real-time heart rate monitoring and sleep tracker
  • Up to 7-8 days of battery life with 24/7 heart rate monitoring and up to 2 weeks of battery life in offline mode.
  • Thousands of watch faces to choose from.
  • Magnetic charging dock charges the device without having to remove the capsule from the strap.
  • Completely Touch Screen.


  • Step Counter is not completely accurate but very close in accuracy.
  • No blood oxygen level checking functionality.
  • Heart rate counter is somewhat 95% accurate.

2. Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 In India – HONOR Band 5 Activity Tracker

Best fitness band under 3000 in India Honor Band 5

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Are you looking for a fitness tracker device with a larger display and multiple facilities? If yes, then HONOR Band 5 Activity Tracker can be a good option for you to use. The model is crafted with a 2.41 CMS AMOLED display that makes your fitness observing job effortless and effective for you. Although the display size is a little smaller than that of Mi Band 5, it’s not very much of a noticeable difference.

Design and Build Quality

This HONOR Band 5 fitness band infused with Watch Face Store contains different watch faces that can be used according to your style or setting. Its 24×7 heart rate monitoring facility with TruSleep 3.0 technology allows you to monitor your heart rate consistently at night.

Honor Band consists of a core unit with a 0.95-inch AMOLED touch display front and center. The outdoor view of the band is stunningly great, so are viewing angles, and a search into the settings provides you control over five different levels of brightness.

The body of the Honor Band 5 Sport has a small screen at the top and a button below and weighs 15g which makes it one of the lightest fitness bands to wear. The band is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

The band can be worn as a wrist strap or shoe strap which is a unique feature. It automatically recognizes when you’ve put it in the footwear strap, and turns to footwear mode, enabling you to track either running or basketball sessions.

Display & Battery Life

Honor promises that the 100mAh battery will get you through two weeks on a single charge. But this claim stays only if you are not using all the features of the band i.e. exercise tracking and heart rate monitoring. Expect less if you are using all the features. It takes about an hour to charge fully.


The interface activity on the Honor Band 5 appears in the form of Band 5’s UI and the Huawei Health app, which is available for Android and iOS.

Beginning with the Band and the primary watch face, which can be traded out, can be tapped to display battery life, Bluetooth connection status and the weather. Swipe through the UI vertically to slide between menu items: workout, step count, heart rate, SpO2, sleep messages, music and a ‘more’ option. Touch ‘more’ for a timer, stopwatch, to interchange your watch face, locate your phone and access system settings.

Functions & Sensors

This HONOR Band 5 is specially featured with HUAWEI TruSleep technology that helps you measure, analyze, and monitor your breathing and sleeping heart rate. The honor band excels in the sleep tracking area. The Huawei TruSleep algorithm records sleep patterns much better and it is more accurate than most all other fitness trackers in this price segment.

It has ten fitness models composed inside that can improve running, walking and enhance your workout ability i.e. outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, free training, indoor walking, elliptical machine, rowing machine are available for you to choose. When you are running outdoors, you can monitor vital fitness data in real-time, including distance, duration, heart rate, pace, and more.

The Honor Band 5 is proficient in continuous heart-rate tracking and comes with two modes to pick from. Smart mode automatically regulates the frequency of measurements based on your activity level. Another mode is Real-time, which keeps tracking continually.

Honor Band 5 comes with a six-axis sensor that consists of a three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis gyroscope.

The previous one senses the difference of speed in three dimensions (front/back/left/right/up/down), while the three-axis gyroscope recognizes the variations of pitch, yaw, roll angle.


The Honor Band 5 is a phenomenal value for money fitness tracker. That said, Honor offers up a few features that other brands don’t, most prominently SpO2 monitoring, and cost-effectivness. The Honor Band provides a robust tracking activity, connected GPS functionality by a smartphone and essential smarts for not much money. It’s one of the best to offer unde this price segment.


  • 24X7 real-time heart rate monitoring and Sleep Monitoring.
  • Long battery life.
  • Accurate Heart Rate monitoring and step counting.


  • The single touch button makes it difficult to wake up the screen.
  • The charging port is difficult to connect and does not charge if it is not plugged correctly.

3. Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 In India – One Plus Band

best fitness bands under 3000 in India

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The OnePlus Band is the company’s first venture into the popular wearables section. It is launched particularly in India, the latest OnePlus Band is an affordable fitness tracker that helps you keep track of your workouts, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep patterns, and also gives you app notifications.

Also not to mention, it’s one of the closest competition to Mi Band 5 and Honor band 5.

Design & Build Quality

It comes in a single model — W101N — with a detachable strap design. The dimensions are 40.4 x 17.6 x 11.95 mm for the fitness tracker and the strap taking the width up to 21mm. It weighs 22.6g with the band, which is almost not felt on your wrist.

The strap features a unique striated design with its length with a simplistic clasp design. It’s a sleek, flexible material that feels great on your skin.

The default color is black, but the user can buy additional colored straps individually. OnePlus offers two added color options — Navy and Tangerine Gray. You get the option to purchase the band with one of the extra band straps from the available option, but that’ll increase a few bucks for the price of your purchase.

The One Plus Band also looks kind of similar to Mi Band 5 in the terms of look and form factor. The band boasts to be 5ATM and IP68 rated which means it shall be water resistant up to 50 m and also the band is also dust resistant.

But one of the things that may upset you is that you have to take out the band capsule to change it through the dock. It’s not like Mi Band 5 or Fastrack Reflex which can be charged without having to take it off the strap.

So in order to charge this One Plus Fitness band you’ll need to take the band capsule out of the strap and put it in the charging dock of the band and then you may charge your band by connecting it to any USB style connector.

Display & Battery Life

The One Plus Band has the same size AMOLED display as that of the Mi Band 5. The screen is also bright enough to be seen clearly under the sun.

The One Plus band also packs a complete touch screen display with good touch sensitivity. The band also supports the lift to wake gesture in which you can just raise your wrist to wake your band up, and it lightens the screen. Well it’s surely not a surprising feature to have in the band as this is a common feature in most of the band these days but what’s surprising is the sensitivity and speed of the band to respond to ‘raise to wake’.

One Plus band almost wakes up instantly upon lifting your wrist and it is quite faster than that of Mi Band 5.

Unlike normal fitness bands, One Plus Band packs quite of a squarish design than other bands who’re built in somewhat curvy design. You also get ‘ONEPLUS’ written just below the screen of The One Plus Band.

The Strap is finished in dual tone color which may appeal to some audiences as it looks quite funky and cool. The quality of the strap is very good and you generally feel any stress on your wrist even if you wear the band for long hours.

The band comes with a 100mAh of battery which is big enough for powering a band for days or weeks.

Well, as per company claims the band shall provide a battery life of 14 days on a single charge but in practicality this comes down to the usage of the band it’s modes and how many sensors are at work for how much time. But with continuous usage and monitoring you can still expect the band to back you up for about a week on a single charge.


Talking about the interface of the band, the first thing that comes to mind are the watch faces. Since the One Plus band was recently launched, it has some limited numbers of watch faces but yes! One Plus Band can be counted among some limited fitness bands that allow custom watch faces and in the near future you can expect more of the watch faces coming in.

The overall interface of the band is good and easily navigational throughout different features, controls and exercise modes.

Functions & Sensors

The step counting is accurate with very less variation when compared to other bands. So yeah!

The step counting is strongly accurate on the One Plus Band. So it won’t be counting your steps while driving or with the work where your hand movements are too much it won’t count much of the fake steps. So step counting is around 95% accurate.

The heart rate monitoring is also accurate as per the standards and the same goes with the spo02 reading of the band. So in the sensor accuracy and the reports it provides are accurate.

Although the one area where this band fails miserably as compared to its competitors is the sleep tracking. It often reports very less time of sleep than what actually was. It also messes up with the sleep pattern detection, it will report hardly 20-40% of the sleep activity than that of Mi Band 5. So this is one of the downsides; it’s not accurate in reporting sleep monitoring.

Other than these health tracking features, this band lets you take pictures on your phone through the band, lets you also control the music playing on your phone as well as notification access through your phone.

It also packs a lot of exercise modes to help you monitor those activities, like walking, yoga, free training but for that the band needs to be paired with the companion app.


Since this band comes from a reputed brand, One Plus… So considering the brand value and quality of the material is extremely good and a go for but if we consider comparing it with its rival then as per the functions, customizability, watch faces,  battery backup, and accuracy of the reports, Mi Smart Band 5 might be a better choice to make unless you want to go with the One Plus brand name.


  • 24X7 real-time heart rate monitoring and Sleep Monitoring.
  • Solid Build Quality and good design.
  • Accurate Readings in Step Counting, Heart Rate and SP02 Monitoring.


  • Sleep Tracking is not accurate.
  • Need to take out the capsule for charging.

4. Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 In India – Fastrack Reflex 3.0

Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 In India Fastrack Reflex 3.0

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Fastrack Reflex 3.0 is more of a fashion driven band on list for the fashion enthusiasts, not only it looks funky and cool but also serves as a good fitness tracker to be at the top of your health along with being fashionable.

What’s the attraction of the band is it’s completely Made is India Product, as Fastrack is an Indian company with a big name in the market for fashion accessories, it manufactures as many products as you can think of.

From Perfumes, belts, wallets, band and watches and of course a lot of other things as well, but its DNA speaks for the watches they make and now they’ve come up with a fitness band with a mix of fashion in it.

Design & Build Quality

As we talked above, coming from a fashion company, the band looks cool and funky with a dual tone strap finish with vibrant colors. The dual tone strap color options that you get includes ‘Blue & Black’, ‘Black & Grey’, ‘Black & Turquoise’ and last but not the least, ‘Pink & Green’.

The Fitness band weights about 24g which will of course feel light on your wrist. Although comparing it to the other bands in the list of best fitness bands under 3000 in India, it’s heavier than them but 24g isn’t much of a weight that you’ll feel on your wrist.

The strap quality is not too impressive as compared to the One Plus Band but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. The strap material is lightweight and feels strong.

You can take out the capsule from the strap in order to change the strap or for other reasons but you certainly don’t need to remove the capsule out of the straps in order to charge the band. You can directly charge this band by sticking the charging dock at the back of the band as it comes with a magnetic charging cable, so no hassle taking out the capsule for charging every time which is convenient.

Also being IP68 rated makes this band waterproof. So swimming, sweat while running or exercising or water splashes while showering or washing hands will not be any problem for this fitness band.

Display & Battery Life

The Display packed with this band is 0.96′ TFT display, Yes! It’s not AMOLED as there is in Mi Band 5, One Plus Band, Oppo Smart Band and Honor Band 5.

Although the screen size is a little smaller as compared to Mi Band 5 but it’s negligible difference that hardly makes any difference. The brightness of the display is also good enough to be clearly seen under direct sunlight.

There’s a touch capacitive button present under the screen of the band that acts as a home button. The display is also responsive to touch and navigation. The screen is completely touch operated and comes with 20 Unique watch faces that can be applied through the pairing app of the band.

Comprising the battery backup of the product, the band houses a 90 mAh battery that the company claims to back you up for 10 days on single charge.

But practically when you keep the 24/7 heart rate monitoring on this band will get you the battery backup of around a week which is almost similar to the rival bands, so battery life is good.


The interface of the band is pretty clean and simple. It’s easily navigational through the screen and you can get into different sports modes in the band. You can see the detailed stats like 24/7 heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking and other modes data with the help of the Fastrack Reflex World App where you can also compete in the leader board or get community interactions.

Functions & Sensors

This band packs 10+ sports mode tracking like outdoor walk, indoor walk, running, hiking, cycling and others. The band comes with a 24/7 real time heart rate monitoring feature so you can keep in track your heart rate all the time but also using these features will drop your battery backup and it will access the heart rate optical sensor all the time.

This band quite accurately reports the steps count and other data. This band also offers sleep tracking functionality. But unfortunately there’s no SP02 monitoring in the band. You get notification alerts on your band and it’s also able to control music playing on your phone. You get ideal alerts and also social media and call notifications on the band.

You would also be able to find your phone with the help of your band in case you’ve forgotten where you put your phone the last time.


It’s more of a fashion styled fitness band inspired with funky pop design. So if you like wearing funky gadgets and are also a little bit of a fitness freak and want to track your health goals, progress and activity then this might be the right choice for you in the list of best fitness bands under 3000 in India. Otherwise if you’re going for hard core fitness activity and want to stay on the top of your health any of the fitness bands mentioned above would seemingly be a better choice.


  • 24X7 real-time heart rate monitoring and Sleep Monitoring.
  • Funky and Cool Design for Fashion Enthusiasts.
  • Hassle free charging with magnetic charger.


  • No SPO2 monitoring
  • No-AMOLED Display and display is also smaller than Mi Band 5

5. Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 In India – Oppo Smart Band Style

Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 In India - Oppo Smart Band Style

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The Oppo Smart Band is Oppo’s first attempt in the budget fitness tracker segment. Starting with the simple concept of an exercise band, added with a Style Strap. They innovatively fused a metal buckle, blending two styles into one that would enable users to switch out the band as wanted.

Design & Build Quality

The design is minimal and elegant. It comes with two straps in the box that is the regular silicon strap which comes with all the fitness bands and a metal buckle which is new in the Oppo band, so this might justify the price gap against its rivals.

The design of the Oppo band capsule is very similar to the One Plus Band as these both companies are under the same parent company, so they might just have brought the same design to both of the bands with some changes.

Oppo band doesn’t have any touch sensitive button but all touch screen display while in other bands like Fastrack Reflex 3 and Mi Band 4 there’s a touch button available just below the screen that takes you back on Mi Band 5 and to the home screen in Fastrack Reflex 3.

The Oppo Band is rated waterproof up to 50 m so you can wash hands, shower or swim with the band on without any tension.

Display & Battery Life

It has a 1.1′ Full-Color AMOLED Screen that is bright, and beautiful. Its intense colors, high resolution, and wide dimensions make this AMOLED screen entertaining for the eyes.

The screen is protected with a curved layer of strengthened, scratch-resistant 2.5D glass.

The capsule size of the Oppo Band may seem smaller when compared to Mi Band 5 but the display size is exactly the same.

You get the option to adjust the brightness of the display in the Oppo Band just like in Mi Band and the display is clearly visible under sunlight.

Now talking about one of the deciding features of the look of the band interface, watch faces! Oppo band has many unique watch faces options to set which can be applied with the Oppo Band app.

Although the watch face catalog is not as much as Mi Band watch faces as there are literally thousands of 3rd party watch faces also available for Mi Band series but yeah! with Oppo Band you also get to enjoy lots of unique watch faces.

No talking about the battery backup of the band, if you use the band to the fullest with 24/7 heart rate monitoring and other features then the band should last for about 4-5 days but if you use the band in normal mode with heart rate not monitoring all the times, you can expect the band to back you up for about a week.


You get a raise to wake feature in Oppo band as well just like One Plus band and Mi Band 4. Apart from that if you do a tap on the screen of the band the screen will wake up by this also.

The Oppo Band’s UI is a little sluggish as compared to Mi band 5 but overall all the modes and features are easily navigational. You can easily get into different exercise modes and switch back to the home screen.

Although the home button on Fastrack Reflex 3 to go on the band’s home screen on a single tap is very useful which seems to be missing in all of its rival fitness bands.

Functions & Sensors

In the Oppo Smart Band the Heart Rate and SPO2 sensor are different, so there are two different sensors in the Oppo band whereas in most fitness bands it’s just one sensor that does both the jobs.

The Heart Rate tracking and SPO2 tracking is also accurate in the Oppo Fitness Band when you compare the results with a pulse oximeter.

Although not any band is perfectly accurate so you should not rely on fitness bands for health checking. These are just to provide you with some close to accurate stats.

You should seek medical help if you’re having any doubts or issues instead of relying on a fitness band and completely trusting their reports.

The sleep tracker is also more accurate than other bands but still not perfectly accurate but the Oppo band is a little more accurate in sleep tracking. The pedometer is also accurate on the band, it reports very close to the accurate number of steps taken.

There are multiple workout modes available in the Oppo Band just like any other band mentioned in this list of best fitness bands under 3000 in India. You get exercise modes like Indoor run, outdoor run, walking, cycling, cricket, yoga and others.

You also get notifications and call alerts on your band and are able to control music with the help of your band.


So, if you want a stylish looking boxy style band with dual strap and want uncompromised health tracking features then Oppo Band might be the choice you’re looking for.

You also get two straps for the band and the features are more or less just like other bands, but the Oppo Band has a dedicated SPO2 sensor then considering all the things, It’s definitely a value for money product.


  • 24X7 real-time heart rate monitoring and Sleep Monitoring.
  • Dedicated SP02 Monitoring Sensor.
  • Accurate Heart Rate monitoring and step counting.
  • Comes with one normal and a cool looking strap.


  • Battery Backup is not too great.
  • Need to take out the capsule for charging.


9 Best Fitness Band Under 10000 In India

What are some of the Best Fitness Band Brands in India

Here is a list of top fitness band brands in India.

FAQs Related to Fitness Trackers

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the best fitness bands in India under 3000.

How do Fitbits know you are sleeping?

When the body is completely still and is not moving, the Fitbit records that you are sleeping. The fitness bands with heart rate monitoring features track the beating of your heart to determine the stages of the sleep cycle throughout the night.

How many hours of deep sleep should you get?

There are four stages of sleep, one of which is deep sleep. Deep sleep is an essential part of staying healthy and fit. An average healthy adult needs 1 to 2 hours of deep sleep during 8 hours of a sleep cycle. During deep sleep, a variety of functions take place in the mind and body such as physical recoveries and brain detoxification.

Can Mi band 4 answer calls?

No. There is no speaker in the MI band 4, so there’s no way you can answer calls. However, whenever users interact with a voice in MI band 4, it shows the answer in the text on the display screen. Thus, due to the absence of any speaker MI band, 4 can not answer any calls.

Does Mi Band 3 have a fingerprint?

MI band 3 does not need a fingerprint scanner due to an easy password-free system for unlocking. When the band is closer to your smartphone and connected to it via Bluetooth, it instantly unlocks without any password or fingerprints.

Does Mi Band 4 have GPS?

The Mi Band 4 does not have an inbuilt GPS, but the fitness band includes a feature for connected GPS that can track the distance covered and the pace via the smartphone’s GPS to which it is connected.

Does Mi Band 4 have a Speaker?

No, the Mi band 4 does not have any built-in speaker in it. However, it has a built-in microphone with it, but it can only be used for giving commands to the Voice Assistant.

Is Fitbit better than an Apple Watch?

If you are using an iPhone then Apple Watch is probably the best choice for you as it would provide you with better integration with iOS and features like Siri. But if you are an Android user, the Fitbit is probably the best choice you can make.

Is Fitbit by Apple?

No! it is not by Apple. Fitbit was acquired by Google this year in January. Google is also working to make Fitbit more compatible with Android.

What are unlimited face watches in the Mi band?

You can put thousands of watch faces onto your band from the official app and also from the 3rd party sources. Watch faces are just different home screen looks for your fitness bands, there is a lot of pre-built watch faces for the Mi Band series that you can simply download and use as your band’s watch face. There are thousands of watch faces available for Mi Bands. So this can mean, you can go on using a different watch face every day.


Thanks for reading this comprehensive list of best fitness bands under 3000 in India, concluding this article… if you’re more into fitness tracking then you may choose from Mi Band 5, Honor Band 5, or One Plus Band, whatever suits your taste and needs as they’re more battery efficient and feature-packed.

But if you’re looking for a funky-looking fashionable fitness band that looks good and also provides you health tracking functionality you may go for Fastrack Reflex 3 or Oppo Smart Band as they’re cool-looking fashionable fitness trackers. Although you may have to compromise on some features and battery backup for someone who wants a cool-looking band with most of the fitness tracking features, these 2 bands will suit them as one of the best fitness bands under 3000 in India that they can buy.

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